A Bodhitrix adventure introducing the Players Deck

An AcroYoga-tasic adventure 

When: Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May, with jam sessions on the 21st & 22nd May 2012

Where: Yogazentrum Ganesha, Vienna Austria

Cost: All weekend €100 pre registration €85 (€75 students) Saturday or Sunday €60 pre registration €50 Donation only for the Monday and Tuesday sessions.

An acroyoga-tastic journey that will encourage practitioners to explore the randomness and imagination of collaboration and play

We will present the Players Deck, a series of 108 cards that will expose human collaborations to their potential the weekend will cover, partner stretches, flying therapeutics, supine foot & hand balances, counter balances and trios. The imagination and prowess for yumminess and play is infinite!

This offering is ideal for the yoga and acroyogi with both experience and confidence in their practice and more importantly an openess and willingness to share and learn from each other.

Made from organic cotton

Saturday – Touching base, stretch & fly day: This day will establish what the groups strengths and challenges are as well as visit the principles of honest communication, safe play and mutual collaboration.   We will introduce the cards and ease into playing with them working on partner stretches, trios & therapeutic flying.

Sunday – Play to your potential: This day will focus on the randomness of pulling out the cards to develop washing machines and sequences, as well as play games with them such as:

  • pass the flyer
  • flyer ping pong
  • bird free zone
  • two flyers one base
  • or potentially develop new ones

Bodhitrix wild card jam night: An open jam where we will use the cards randomly and see what can done.  This will not be a lead class more of an impromptu play time.

Monday – University Campus Vienna 7.45 – 9.45pm                         Tuesday – Yogazentrum Ganesha 7.45 – 9.45pm

Please contact the studio directly for bookings.

A summer convergence: bringing together acrobatics, healing arts and yoga

The European Convergence – bringing together acrobatics, healing arts and yoga into eight day gathering

When: Monday 30th July to Tuesday 7th August 2012

Where: Wytwónia Ciszy (Label Silence Centre), Uniejów Poland.

Cost: €650 (includes all teaching, accommodation and food does not include transfers to and from the venue)

Five European, phenomenally experienced & renowned teachers are collaborating to bring you a unique offering to explore the infinite possibilities of the human form. A chance to grow, to play, to heal and be.

We are offering a chance to delve deeper into the practices of yoga, acrobatics and the healing arts of Thai massage and flying therapeutics. This retreat will be the perfect exploratory lab for passionate acro-bodyworker squirrels.

The teachers: –

Yohann Guichard – Our Thai Massage Guru
* With 10 years Thai massage teaching experience.
* His focuses are harmonizing yin & yang, movement & stillness, to reaching balance.
* The core of his teaching is the union of yoga alignments, anatomy knowledge & Zen contemplation.
* He is an endless grace and ease seeker; sharing the Thai massage tools for body expansion.



Thorsten Bohle – Our Acro-Balancing Maestro
* With 19 year experience in acrobatic balancing.
* He adores the creative processes in discovering new acrobatic tricks and is a gifted wizard in breaking down complicated & elaborate tricks.
* He is a virtuoso with all manner of head balances!
* As a trained carpenter he will be one of our resident forest monkeys.



Lorenzo Becchi – Our Flying Therapeutics Sage
* Has explored the field of personnel development therapies for the past 10 years and trained in Chinese medicine & acupuncture.
* He has been exploring and teaching the techniques of flying therapeutics for the past four years.
* He is passionate, dedicated and enlightened soul who is devoted to the flow of what life has to offer.


Jasper Herrman – Our Acrobatic Genius
* Has been practicing acrobatics for 15 years & is also a trained school teacher which enables him to teach to all age ranges.
* He finds joy is inventing new acrobatic tricks, breaking them down in terms of timing, forwards & backwards; Ikaren & understanding the dynamics air time and popping.
* He also likes to explore the communication, collaboration & cooperation of partner acrobatics.



Jaqui Wan – Our Yoga Junkie
* She has had a consistent & ongoing relationship with hatha yoga 15 years and has been teaching for past six years.
* She is fascinated with the movement of the body, from the perspective of myofascial anatomical trains; she is also a task master and will enable you to discover your physical potential.
* She a committed advocate for play so will one of our resident forest jesters.


Frequently asked questions

Getting to & from the venue: 

The nearest serving airport to the Wytwónia Ciszy is Łódź Airport which flys to number of European cities and all over the world.

Transfers from Łódź Airport to Uniejów (52km) can be done by a regular weekday local bus service that takes about an hour and from there you will be picked up and taken on a short ride to the venue.  More detailed information on transfers will follow shortly.

What to bring:

Please bring with you enough clothing to practice and lounge in for about one week.  Bring a warm layers for the possible cool nights, sun block of your skin is sensitive to the sun, toiletries, a towel any medication that you regularly take and any other items you can not live without for a week and that you can legally carry in and out of the country.  Please bring your own towel and indoor shoes with you.

What we want from you:

All registered participants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire for your contact details, emergency contacts, dietary needs and other requirements you may have.  Please complete this form once you have made your payment.

Payment Options

To secure your place on this convergence you are required to either pay in full or pay a deposit of €300 via paypal. The outstanding balance can either be paid via paypal or cash upon arrival. Discounts are available to teachers and participants from the Barcelona Yoga Conference and French Acrobatics Convention as well as teachers upon agreement from one of the teaching team.

Bodhitrix – The Players Deck

The Player’s Deck

After almost a year of scribbles, pilots, learning a graphics programme from scratch, consultations and becoming a publisher I have the excited pleasure of share with you a new product geared for the art of play.

Made from organic cotton

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Plato

Let me present to you Bodhitrix and its first product ‘The Players Deck’.

These are a series of cards aimed at inspiring the experienced practitioner and or teacher to believe in the randomness of chance and unfolding play!  Covering a spectrum of yummy stretches, flying therapeutics to acrobatic balancing in pairs or in trios.  Each card has a simplistic drawing of what can be done with two or more people.  There 108 cards comprise of seven categories.  These cards can be used to help plan a sequence, class or workshop or even pulled out like a deck of cards for impromptu playing or jamming.

The seven categories are: –

Go on pick a card!

  • Stretches
  • Therapeutic Flying
  • Supine Hand Balances
  • Supine Foot Balances
  • Standing Balances
  • Counter Balances
  • Trios

For more information on the deck please see www.bodhitrix.net

AcroYoga day in Godstone

All Day Play Day

When: Sunday 7th August 10-5.30pm

The building potential is limitless

Where: St Nicolas Hall, Godstone RH9 8DT

Costs: £40 early bird rate for booking made before 1/8/11 there after £50 for pre bookings before the 7/8/11 and £60 on the day.

A whole day of AcroYoga,. what more can one look forward to? Bringing together the healing touch of massage, the elongation and extensions of asana yoga and the will and determination of acrobatics. Tap into your light hearted self as well as your inner playful child. The day will be broken down with partner yoga and therapeutics in the morning whilst in the afternoon working on strength, core and your acrobatic potential. Don’t be put off by the word acrobatics I can assure you all skills and sequences are worked on progressively within the container of safety and joy. Come with an open mind and willingness to play.

For bookings and info please call 07917 787 768 or email info@ annabelyoga.com or click here.

AcroYoga in Brighton

A day of acrobatics and flying transitions

OK this is not quiet hanging out hey but it looks pretty cool!

When: 17th April 2011, 10.30-5.30pm

Where: Brighton Natural Health Centre, Brighton UK

Price: £50 on the day or £40 concessions or if booked before 4th April 2011.

This workshop forms the second part to our offering at the Brighton Natural Health Centre.

Tap into your acrobatic potential. Believe in the possible.

AcroYoga – Flying Transitions – advance to intermediate level

Learn to flip, spin, drop back and float, all while suspended in the air with the support of a partner! Using time-tested acrobatic training techniques, students will learn how to combine basic flying positions with inversions to create dynamic flying flows. We will demonstrate techniques for bases, flyers and spotters that will keep the flying safe and supported. Come with a familiarity with handstands and 3-6 months a AcroYoga experience.

Please contact the studio for bookings: –

Email:  info@bnhc.co.uk

Telephone: +44 1273 600 010

A day of yummy massage and flying therapeutics

Now there is a now way to 'hang out'!

When: Sunday 13th March 2011, 9.30-4.30pm
Brighton Natural Health Centre, Brighton UK.

Price: £50 on the day £40 concession or if booked before 28th February 2011

This workshop is part of a two part series at the Brighton Natural Health Centre for 2011 the first focusing on therapeutics.

Come along and indulge yourself!

AcroYoga – Thai and Fly – open to all levels

Teachers – Jaqui & Anna

Therapeutic flying and Thai massage are the practices that hone an AcroYogis ability to be sensitive and receptive. Students will learn and practice honest, clear, compassionate communication to build the foundation of partnership. We will draw upon the natural forces of gravity and “metta” loving kindness to encourage the body to let go of fear and tension. The flow of basing and flying, giving and receiving, honoring and accepting, inhaling and exhaling will take both yogis into a new place of union and bliss. Some yoga experience recommended, no partner needed.

Please contact the studio for bookings: –

Email:  info@bnhc.co.uk

Telephone: +44 1273 600 010

An Acro weekend intensive with Jaqui and Jesse

Posted 9th September 2010

When: 23rd & 24th October 2010

Where: Brighton Natural Health Centre Brighton BN1 1UL

Price: £100 GBP before 10/08/2010 £120 GBP after 10/08/2010

*All participants must pre-register and complete an application form*

**All accepted participants will be required to attend the whole weekend.
There will be no opportunity to drop in for one day**

For info please email acroyogalondon@gmail.com with the heading: Advanced Acro @ BNHC

Getting the foundations, inversions & balancing Saturday 23rd October :10.30 – 1.30pm & 2.30 – 5.30pm

Exploring the principles of acrobatics, we will focus on alignment and strength as the building blocks to embodying inversions and acrobatic balancing. We will create a safe container based on the art and skills of great spotting that will serve to support our play mates throughout the weekend. Using these foundations and a smattering of games and group exercises we will progress from basic to more complex partner acrobatics; cultivating trust and clear communication, whilst homing in on the roles of basing and flying.

Exploring acrobatic flying transitions Sunday 24th October: 10.30 – 1.30pm & 2.30 – 5.30pm

Building on the foundations of previous day, we will begin to work on simple to complex flying transitions and washing machines. Working mainly in acrobatic trios, with clearly defined roles of being a base or flyer; the day will focus on the ability to work with compassion, honesty and mutual support to achieve the groups’ success through a variety of acrobatic skills and tricks. You will be faced with challenges and fears but will learn how to deal with them head on through your inner strength, group support and a knowledge that safety is everyones’ priority.

To participate in this weekend offering we require you to: –
1. Have experience basing and flying acrobatic flying transitions.
2. Can you do a one minute handstand against the wall.
3. Can you do a one minute headstand in the middle of the room without a spot.
4. Can you base or fly star and shoulder stand on hands.
5. Have you studied the AcroYoga Flight Manual.

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