Inversions and Balances at Yonder

A Yonder Collaboration 

When: Saturday 13th April 2024, 2-4.30pm  

Where: Yonder, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP

Cost: £35 


Ever thought about doing classic inversions, be it headstands, forearm-stand and handstands?  Here is your chance to turn your world upside down.

We spend an afternoon exploring the world of balancing on your hands. We will build it up progressively working on upper body stamina, core conditioning and wrist awareness. We will work in pairs presenting the art of spotting inversions to help with both alignment and ensuring safety in the room.

There will be an opportunity to get creative exploring: –

  • inversions with leg variations and different body shapes;
  • asymmetric inversions and balances and
  • partner inversions. 

This is ideal for the person who has a regular yoga practice and who is keen to discover more about their inversion potential. Open to all.

This workshop aims to challenge and inspire, you may not be able to do everything presented: but you will have the building blocks and tools to evolve.