AcroYoga Spring Series at Yonder Spring 2024

A Yonder Collaboration 



When:  Saturday 24th February 2024 – 2-4.30pm

Where: Yonder, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP

Costs: £35


The world of AcroYoga Solar Acrobatics is one of collaboration, building trust and play.

We will learn the foundations of a solar/acrobatic practice; exploring calisthenic and partner conditioning to dive our acrobatic bodies.  We will cover the elements of giving and receiving each other’s weight; the push-pull nuances of balancing; and the engagement and mutual calibration that allows the creation of structures, shapes and poses. 

Explore the wonders of partner collaboration and delve into your acrobatic potential.  We aim to build your confidence, to try something new, play safely and have fun.

No experience is necessary, beginners are welcome. You will be working in pairs or in groups of three.

Come with an open mind and willingness to play.  No partner needed




When: Saturday 16th March 2024 – 2-4.30pm  

Where: Yonder, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP

Costs: £35 


The world of AcroYoga Lunar Therapeutics is one of slowing down, cultivating connection and conscious listening. 

This workshop will introduce Thai massage techniques and the foundations of flying therapeutics.

Thai massage is: – 

  • the physical embodiment of the Buddhist concept of loving-kindness ‘Metta Bhavana’;
  • the practice of assisted stretches to aid flexibility, address alignment & rebalance of energy in the body; and
  • referred to, by many, as the lazy person’s yoga.

Flying therapeutics is: –

  • being suspended in the air on the base’s hands and feet;
  • being flown, often in an inverted position, where gravity aids length and space to the torso, shoulders and spine; and
  • through a sequence of assisted stretches, a feeling of flight of lightness can be achieved.   

Open to all especially those with an interest in massage techniques.

No partner needed. You will be working in pairs or groups of three.

Come with a willingness to learn something new.  No partner needed