The Art of Yoga Asana: Alignment & Assists

When: Saturday, 9th July 2022, 2–5pm

Where: Yonder Studio, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP 


An afternoon covering the principles of yoga asana practice through the themes of alignment and assists.  I will bring to this workshop, my years of experience in teaching yoga and seeing bodies in practice; applying my knowledge as a bodyworker and yoga practitioner.  For more info about me see the following link

This workshop is for inquisitive yoga practitioners wishing to:–

  • evolve and inform their yoga asana practice;
  • understand the balance between body anatomy and yoga alignment; and 
  • explore the nuances of yoga assists.

Open to anyone with an interest in yoga asana whether they be a beginner or with multiple years of experience. We will cover: – 

  • the historical traditions and lineages of yoga asana;
  • the alignment principles of at least ten key yoga poses found in most yoga asana classes and how it applies to different bodies and flexibilities; and
  • the art of helpful adjustments, what is appropriate and what is not.

Come with your questions and thoughts about your own practice, there will be room for us all to share and learn together. 

AcroYoga Fundamentals @ Yonder

When: 25th June 2022, 2pm – 5pm

Where: Yonder Studio, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP 


An afternoon covering the introductory foundations to AcroYoga.  I will bring to this workshop my years of experience as an AcroYoga teacher to find out more about me see the following link

This workshop is for: –

  • people who are new to acroyoga;
  • those who want a refresher on the building principles to acroyoga;
  • those who would like a steer back into the practice.

We will explore the themes of connection and collaboration with the purpose of building our playing potential.

We begin with a short yoga practice and callisthenic conditioning to get comfortable in our bodies and build on our ease of working with others.  This will be a combination of partner stretches to partner conditioning, to get your body warm and ready for the session ahead.

Any such afternoon will cover a combination of: – 

  • inversions and partner inversions;
  • static balances and counterbalances;  
  • L basing calibrations, sequences & washing machines; and 
  • cool down massage and therapeutics. 

No partner is necessary.


Thai & Fly Workshop @ Tokei

When:  Sunday 3rd July 2022, 2-5pm

Where: Tokei / Hidden Gym Lion Court, 28 Magdalen Street, London SE1 2EN


An afternoon’s introduction to Thai massage and flying therapeutics; also referred to as the restorative ‘lunar’ side of AcroYoga.  I will bring to this workshop, my years of experience as both an AcroYoga teacher and Thai massage practitioner for more info about me see the following link.

This workshop is aimed at holding space for empathetic connections, therapeutic touch and the Buddhist concept of loving-kindness, “Metta Bhavana”.

We will start with: – 
  • a yoga practice to allow ourselves to be in tune with our own flexibility and alignment;
  • touch on partner stretches to explore the themes of collaboration and honest communication; 
  • introduce the basic principles of Thai massage by conducting a led sequence; and   
  • present the foundations of therapeutic flying.  

No partner or experience is necessary. 


GRA Community Gardens Saturday Yoga Class

Community Class for Gardens Residents Association

When: –  

• May 28th, 10 – 11am

• June 11th & 25th, 10 – 11am

• July 9th & 23rd, 10 – 11am 

• August 13th & 27th (TBC)  

Where: –

Gardens Residents Association Community Gardens, N4 1HX

Costs: – 

Donation-based class all proceeds go to Gardens Resident Association.  A card payment reader will be available before and after the sessions.  Please note no cash will be accepted. 

What to bring: – 

Please bring your own yoga mat and any props that will help you in your practice. Please wear comfortable stretchy layered clothing that you can keep on or take off during your practice.

Weather Cancellations 

As the yoga sessions will be held outside, we will be dependent on dry warm weather.  There may be occasions that the class can not go ahead due to bad weather, be it rain, windy conditions and or cold temperatures. 

Yonder’s Spring 2022 Trilogy

A three workshop spring offering, running from February through to April 2022.

When & What

  • Sat 19th Feb 22: Two’s Company – exploring a partner practice
  • Sat 19th Mar 22: The World of Arm Balances and Inversions 
  • Sat 23rd Apr 22: Yoga, Conditioning & Therapeutics for Rock Climbers 

Where: Yonder Studio, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP 

Costs: All three workshops per person £85


Two’s Company – Exploring a Partner Practice

Saturday 19th February 2022,1-4pm

A partner practice involves the qualities of being present, listening, honest communication and the interface of both giving and receiving.  Open to all with an interest in physical movement and the human potential of partner collaboration.  No partner necessary.


The World of Arm Balances and Inversions

Saturday 19th March 2022, 1-4pm

Ideal for anyone with regular yoga, movement or bodywork practice, for those keen to discover their hands & arm balancing potential. We will build up progressively, covering alignment techniques, strength training & the embodiment of balances & inversions.


  • Should be comfortable being upside down and 
  • Be able to do a headstand against a wall for 15 seconds.


Yoga, Conditioning & Therapeutics for Climbers 

Saturday 23rd April 2022, 1-4pm

A workshop specifically for climbers. Bringing together the traditions of yoga asana, callisthenic conditioning & Thai massage.  Ideal for those interested in maintaining & supporting their climbing practice.  Open to all.


Covid Safety Protocol

We will be encouraging group mixing and contact and as such, every participant is required to conduct a lateral flow test and present a -ve test result on the morning of or before the workshop.

We are transitioning wearily out of this Covid pandemic but we still want to be cautious.  There will be spare test kits should you forget to test.

Cancellation Policy

You are advised that there is a 48 hours notice via email to should you wish to cancel and claim your full or proportional refund. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in a £10 admin fee deducted from your refund for each workshop and or each person.

There are exceptions to this if you have been told to isolate and or have had a recent positive covid test result.  A full refund will be issued upon submission of evidence to confirm your circumstance.


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