Women and Non-Binary Retreat 2024

Women & Non-Binary Weekend Retreat with Jaqui Wan, Dora Rubinstein & Lauren Azor 



  • Friday 30th August – Sunday 1st September 2024
  • Check-in starts at 3pm on Friday and the event finishes at 2pm on Sunday.

Where: Westwood Retreat Centre, Westwood Edge Rd, Golcar, Huddersfield HD7 4JY


Accommodation options based on a first come first serve basis: –

  • £285 per person – Bunk bed in the main hall (you must provide own bedding) 
  • £335 per person – Sharing a double bed in an apartment – this option must be  booked by 2 people together (total apartment occupancy between 3-5 people) 
  • £415 per person – Single bed in a 3 or 5-bed apartment (total apartment occupancy between 3-5 people) 
  • £620 per person – Single use of a double bed (total apartment occupancy between 3-5 people)



Please register before payment, the payment link is in the registration form.  

Join us in Yorkshire for a weekend-long acro retreat to celebrate the experiences, skills and abilities of women and non-binary people. A weekend to empower women and non-binary voices, and to explore the group dynamics of gender in amateur circus and acrobatics – as well as to have loads of fun and acro play!
What’s included:-
  • Multiple daily workshops in acroyoga and standing acrobatics;
  • Daily yoga and handstand classes;
  • Accommodation in a range of options, from beautiful boutique apartments to bunk-bed sleepover style; and
  • All meals and snacks are prepared by an in-house private retreat chef.

What’s not included: –

  • Transport to/from the venue (we are happy to help coordinate car-shares and taxi-shares from local train stations) and 
  • Travel Insurance


Venue Information 

Westwood Retreat Centre, a 19th century church building converted into an events hall and accommodation, surrounded by a lawn and gardens for private use and lush green countryside beyond.

Please note the venue operates a noise curfew from 11pm through to 8am, our retreat will also comply with this. 


The nearest train station is Slaithwaite (pronounced ‘Slawit’), which is accessible from Huddersfield and Manchester Piccadilly. It’s a 1-mile very steep uphill walk from there so most guests prefer a 4-minute £5 taxi ride.


Example schedule:
Times Activity
8am – 9am  Breakfast 
9am – 10.30am  Workshop – Solar Asana
10.30am – 11am  Break
11am – 12.30pm Workshop – Same Size Flows
12.30pm – 2.30pm  Lunch
2.30pm – 4pm   Workshop – Handstands on Body Parts
4pm – 4.30pm  Break
4.30pm – 6pm Workshop – Trio Tricks 
6pm – 8pm Dinner and Chill 
8pm -9.30pm Workshop – Thai Massage & Therapeutic Flying 


Please register before payment, the payment link is in the registration form.  


Your Hosts:

This retreat weekend is led by acroyoga, handstands and yoga teachers Jaqui Wan, Lauren Azor and Dora Rubinstein.


Jaqui is a yoga asana & acroyoga teacher based in London. She has been teaching full-time since 2008 and has had an ongoing yoga asana practice spanning almost 30 years. She is challenging yet playful and has an attention to detail that actively celebrates difference and group learning. She is the founder of Bodhitrix and the L Basing Compendium. She is an acrobatics elder in the London community and is one of the main organisers of the London Acro Convention.


Lauren is a playful teacher, who is keen to share her love for acroyoga. She is also a RYT300 Yoga teacher, who has taught Yoga in the UK & India. She currently teaches weekly Yoga and AcroYoga classes in her hometown of Brighton, workshops in the UK and Europe, and updates her experience at Acrobatic conventions.


Dora is a yoga and acroyoga teacher, and a theatre and circus performer. Classes are lively, light-hearted, and usually full of laughs! She is based in York, but teaches and performs internationally. Most recently a tour has taken her across the USA where she’s acro-jammed in Missouri, Nevada, Ohio and California. She can’t wait to share the fun things she’s picked up on her travels.


Catering is provided by Bilberry Bee, and will be a hearty, healthy and wholesome fare catering to dietary requirements. Expect breakfasts like turmeric porridge, stewed apples & pears, homemade granolas & smoothies. Lunches might be buddha bowls, flans or jacket potatoes with chilli. Dinners will always be 2 or 3 courses with mezzes, curries or lasagnas, plus homemade cakes and desserts for both lunch and dinner!



Please register before payment, the payment link is in the registration form.  


Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is open to all acroyogis and acrobats who identify as women or non-binary, and who are excited to train in a space primarily for those identifying as women & non-binary. We want to celebrate the diversity of what this means and embrace what we have in common.

There are a limited number of spots available, so to plan workshops and make sure everyone is catered for, we ask that you have some acroyoga or acrobatics experience. There are some prerequisites for this event which you can read below – please get in touch with one of the lead teachers if you are unsure on this or need help meeting these prerequisites.


Your acrobatic skills:

We are aware that every person’s experience will be slightly different. This retreat is intended to cater for people who would consider themselves ‘beyond beginner/improver’ – this could mean that you’ve practised acro consistently for at least 6 months; have a solid background in another field like aerial or gymnastics; or have done acro for years but had some time away due to injury.

We request that all participants have a familiarity base or/and fly as well as confidently spot the following: –

  • L basing Star – shoulder stand of feet
  • L basing Front Bird on hands
  • L basing low Foot to Hand
  • Standing Thigh Stand
  • Standing Two High


If you are unclear of any of the above, please email wnbacrofest@gmail.com or you can contact the three organisers on Instagram: –



Please register before payment, the payment link is in the registration form.  

Online Fridays

Lunchtime Yoga Fix 



New to Online Fridays?  Please complete the questionnaire.

Where:  Online 

When: Weekly Fridays 12.15pm – 1.15pm 


  • £10 – drop-in
  • (it will be assumed that bookings are for the nearest forthcoming Friday) 
  • £35 – monthly pass
  • (valid for one calendar monthly only) 


This is your Friday lunchtime online Yoga Fix to recalibrate and align the body to help complete the working week and ready yourself for the weekend.

Each class slowly unfolds through a combination of simple yet focused movements to soften the outer layers of tension and activate stability from the core. The class can range from a continuous flow of asana postures synchronised to the breath to a more considered practice, with a focus on bringing together a synthesis of body and mind.

Please be aware with online streaming, the teacher may be limited in their ability to give individual and on-the-spot corrections and this will depend on the number of participants and what can be seen on the camera.  Also, individuals may decide to participate with their camera turned off, this is your choice.  Where possible the teacher will give as many common corrections during the session as it is deemed appropriate.  





Inversions and Balances at Yonder

A Yonder Collaboration 

When: Saturday 13th April 2024, 2-4.30pm  

Where: Yonder, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP

Cost: £35 


Ever thought about doing classic inversions, be it headstands, forearm-stand and handstands?  Here is your chance to turn your world upside down.

We spend an afternoon exploring the world of balancing on your hands. We will build it up progressively working on upper body stamina, core conditioning and wrist awareness. We will work in pairs presenting the art of spotting inversions to help with both alignment and ensuring safety in the room.

There will be an opportunity to get creative exploring: –

  • inversions with leg variations and different body shapes;
  • asymmetric inversions and balances and
  • partner inversions. 

This is ideal for the person who has a regular yoga practice and who is keen to discover more about their inversion potential. Open to all.

This workshop aims to challenge and inspire, you may not be able to do everything presented: but you will have the building blocks and tools to evolve. 

AcroYoga Spring Series at Yonder Spring 2024

A Yonder Collaboration 



When:  Saturday 24th February 2024 – 2-4.30pm

Where: Yonder, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP

Costs: £35


The world of AcroYoga Solar Acrobatics is one of collaboration, building trust and play.

We will learn the foundations of a solar/acrobatic practice; exploring calisthenic and partner conditioning to dive our acrobatic bodies.  We will cover the elements of giving and receiving each other’s weight; the push-pull nuances of balancing; and the engagement and mutual calibration that allows the creation of structures, shapes and poses. 

Explore the wonders of partner collaboration and delve into your acrobatic potential.  We aim to build your confidence, to try something new, play safely and have fun.

No experience is necessary, beginners are welcome. You will be working in pairs or in groups of three.

Come with an open mind and willingness to play.  No partner needed




When: Saturday 16th March 2024 – 2-4.30pm  

Where: Yonder, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP

Costs: £35 


The world of AcroYoga Lunar Therapeutics is one of slowing down, cultivating connection and conscious listening. 

This workshop will introduce Thai massage techniques and the foundations of flying therapeutics.

Thai massage is: – 

  • the physical embodiment of the Buddhist concept of loving-kindness ‘Metta Bhavana’;
  • the practice of assisted stretches to aid flexibility, address alignment & rebalance of energy in the body; and
  • referred to, by many, as the lazy person’s yoga.

Flying therapeutics is: –

  • being suspended in the air on the base’s hands and feet;
  • being flown, often in an inverted position, where gravity aids length and space to the torso, shoulders and spine; and
  • through a sequence of assisted stretches, a feeling of flight of lightness can be achieved.   

Open to all especially those with an interest in massage techniques.

No partner needed. You will be working in pairs or groups of three.

Come with a willingness to learn something new.  No partner needed






AcroYoga Play Days in Godstone

AcroYoga Play Days in partnership with Annabel Broom



  • Saturday 17th February 2024, 10am – 4.30pm

Where: St Nicolas Hall, Godstone, RH9 8DT

Cost:  £75-£85 All bookings are made with Annabel Broom.


Our longstanding Godstone Play Days are open to all. Come and share your day with a regular and growing crew of big kids who want to explore the themes of connection and collaboration with the purpose of building their playing potential.

The day begins with a cup of tea and admiring the stockpiles of chocolate that are likely to be consumed during the day.  We get you comfortable in your physical body and at ease with working with others; it may range from partner stretches to full-on acrobatics conditioning, to get your body warm and ready for the day ahead.

Any such play day can cover: – 

  • inversions and partner inversions;
  • static balances and counterbalances;  
  • L basing calibrations, sequences & washing machines ; 
  • pyramid games;
  • trio tricks; and 
  • Thai massage & flying therapeutics.

There is a real supportive atmosphere throughout the day, coupled with copious amounts of laughter that will encourage you to try something new or revisit material with greater understanding and potential for success. There will be a 45-60min lunch break please bring a packed lunch. For info, chocolate buttons have become the Godstone standard sugar & energy supplement. 



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