A summer convergence: bringing together acrobatics, healing arts and yoga

The European Convergence – bringing together acrobatics, healing arts and yoga into eight day gathering

When: Monday 30th July to Tuesday 7th August 2012

Where: Wytwónia Ciszy (Label Silence Centre), Uniejów Poland.

Cost: €650 (includes all teaching, accommodation and food does not include transfers to and from the venue)

Five European, phenomenally experienced & renowned teachers are collaborating to bring you a unique offering to explore the infinite possibilities of the human form. A chance to grow, to play, to heal and be.

We are offering a chance to delve deeper into the practices of yoga, acrobatics and the healing arts of Thai massage and flying therapeutics. This retreat will be the perfect exploratory lab for passionate acro-bodyworker squirrels.

The teachers: –

Yohann Guichard – Our Thai Massage Guru
* With 10 years Thai massage teaching experience.
* His focuses are harmonizing yin & yang, movement & stillness, to reaching balance.
* The core of his teaching is the union of yoga alignments, anatomy knowledge & Zen contemplation.
* He is an endless grace and ease seeker; sharing the Thai massage tools for body expansion.



Thorsten Bohle – Our Acro-Balancing Maestro
* With 19 year experience in acrobatic balancing.
* He adores the creative processes in discovering new acrobatic tricks and is a gifted wizard in breaking down complicated & elaborate tricks.
* He is a virtuoso with all manner of head balances!
* As a trained carpenter he will be one of our resident forest monkeys.



Lorenzo Becchi – Our Flying Therapeutics Sage
* Has explored the field of personnel development therapies for the past 10 years and trained in Chinese medicine & acupuncture.
* He has been exploring and teaching the techniques of flying therapeutics for the past four years.
* He is passionate, dedicated and enlightened soul who is devoted to the flow of what life has to offer.


Jasper Herrman – Our Acrobatic Genius
* Has been practicing acrobatics for 15 years & is also a trained school teacher which enables him to teach to all age ranges.
* He finds joy is inventing new acrobatic tricks, breaking them down in terms of timing, forwards & backwards; Ikaren & understanding the dynamics air time and popping.
* He also likes to explore the communication, collaboration & cooperation of partner acrobatics.



Jaqui Wan – Our Yoga Junkie
* She has had a consistent & ongoing relationship with hatha yoga 15 years and has been teaching for past six years.
* She is fascinated with the movement of the body, from the perspective of myofascial anatomical trains; she is also a task master and will enable you to discover your physical potential.
* She a committed advocate for play so will one of our resident forest jesters.


Frequently asked questions

Getting to & from the venue: 

The nearest serving airport to the Wytwónia Ciszy is Łódź Airport which flys to number of European cities and all over the world.

Transfers from Łódź Airport to Uniejów (52km) can be done by a regular weekday local bus service that takes about an hour and from there you will be picked up and taken on a short ride to the venue.  More detailed information on transfers will follow shortly.

What to bring:

Please bring with you enough clothing to practice and lounge in for about one week.  Bring a warm layers for the possible cool nights, sun block of your skin is sensitive to the sun, toiletries, a towel any medication that you regularly take and any other items you can not live without for a week and that you can legally carry in and out of the country.  Please bring your own towel and indoor shoes with you.

What we want from you:

All registered participants will be asked to complete an online questionnaire for your contact details, emergency contacts, dietary needs and other requirements you may have.  Please complete this form once you have made your payment.

Payment Options

To secure your place on this convergence you are required to either pay in full or pay a deposit of €300 via paypal. The outstanding balance can either be paid via paypal or cash upon arrival. Discounts are available to teachers and participants from the Barcelona Yoga Conference and French Acrobatics Convention as well as teachers upon agreement from one of the teaching team.