My top rabbit hole links

To be fair all the following links have had an impact on me in all manner of ways shapes and forms. There is no order of preference but for consistency, I have opted to put them in alphabetical order.

Bodhitrix – L Basing Compendium

I am proud to say that I produced a series of animated playing cards aimed at inspiring the experienced acroyoga practitioner and or teacher to be guided and inspired by the randomness of picking a card.

Castle Climbing Centre

A great indoor climbing space, with the opportunity to doing top roping and lead climbing, but also after some time out of climbing getting back into with it with auto-belay routes as well. 

Disasters Emergency Committee

An umbrella fundraising arm that supports 14 UK based charities to help respond to overseas disasters enabling rapid humanitarian responses.

National Acrobatics Federation

Since discovering AcroYoga I have been obsessed with acrobatics. Holland is one of the epicentres of partner acrobatics and host regular acrobatics gatherings and conventions in Europe and beyond.

Ocean Hero 

When you next search online, why not save the oceans from harmful plastics at the same time. 

Sea Shephard UK

Have always had a soft spot for our oceans and am an avid fish spotter.  Since the pandemic, it has rekindled my passion for sea animals and I’ve researched many marine mammals and am now into big mammals and really support the work this organisation does. 

Vipassana Meditation

There are various forms of meditation practices out there and all have their place and benefits to the practitioner. Vipassana meditation as taught by Goenkji has challenges but it grounds me and enables me to focus on my outlook on life.


This free online encyclopedia has been such a great resource when conducting my fact-finding missions. Sure you can Google search but that comes with it a lot of wading through the crap that is also out there.