AcroYoga Fundamentals Workshop Summer 2021

Establishing the new normal, getting back into AcroYoga 

AcroYoga Fundamentals Workshop 



  • 24th July 2021, 2.30pm – 5.30pm
  • The workshop on the 24th of July has been cancelled due to Covid numbers rising and it’s not conducive to running this event
  • 14th August 2021, 2.30pm – 5.30pm

Where: Yonder Studio, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP 


For many of us, it’s been more than 15 months since we have done acroyoga and maybe like me you are feeling rusty and wondering whether you can actually get back to doing it regularly.

This workshop is for: –

  • people who are new to acroyoga;
  • those who have not done acroyoga for a while; and
  • those are feeling rusty and would like a steer back into the practice.

Each workshop will touch on the different aspects of the acroyoga practice establishing safe contact, shared trust and play that moves beyond the scope of our pre-existing support bubbles. 

The content will be different for each workshop as there is plenty to explore and play with, you are most welcome to attend both, bring a friend or partner.  Please see the payment options above. 

I am hoping the Government will proceed with the easing of the social distancing rules scheduled for the 19th July 2021.  If that turns out not to be the case full refunds will be given.

I will be encouraging group mixing and contact.  You are welcome to participate with your mask on or off and I will be encouraging judicious use of hand sanitiser and maybe being a hand towel in case you get hot and sweaty. 

Should you wish, maybe conduct a lateral flow test prior to attending the workshop.  It’s about your own peace of mind and encouraging everyone to play safely. 


Cancellation Policy

You are advised to give at least 48 hours notice via email to should you wish to cancel and claim your full refund. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in a £10 admin fee deducted from your refund for each workshop and or each person.

There are exceptions to this protocol if you have been told to isolate and or have had a recent positive covid test result.  A full refund will be issued upon submission of evidence to confirm your circumstance.