Women & Non-Binary Acro Festival 2023

WNB Acro Fest 


When:  2pm Friday 19th to 5pm Sunday 21st May 2023

Where: Leeds Centre for Aerial Arts, Unit 5, Cardigan Trading Estate, Lennox Road, Kirkstall, LS4 2BL


A weekend to celebrate the experiences, skills and abilities of women and non-binary people.  A weekend to empower women and non-binary voices and to explore the group dynamics of gender in amateur circus and acrobatics. 

Things to look forward to: –

  • being in a supportive woman and non-binary space;
  • training in a testosterone low/free zone;
  • surprise guest teachers to be announced; and
  • a lunge maybe two will be set up for the whole weekend.

We will have guest teachers from across the UK our workshop offerings include: –

  • aerial hoops doubles
  • Icarian / pops
  • duo contortion
  • sports acro
  • trio tricks
  • strength and mobility for acro
  • dance acro solo
  • hand-to-hand variations
  • washing machines and sequences
  • gymnastic entries and exits
  • one-arm handstands 

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