AcroYoga Asana: Live Streaming Classes

The Solar Sessions (AcroYoga Asana) – an online live streaming class


  • Wednesdays 7pm – 8.30pm 
  • Sunday 6.30pm – 8pm

Payments for each session is £5. If your finances are limited or you have any further questions please message me directly.  

If we have are new to the Solar Asana please complete the following online registration form.

Note for online live-streaming

To participate in these classes you need a device to stream from, a laptop, tablet or smartphone. All listed classes will be presented on the Zoom Video Communications platform. You can either download the Zoom App on your smartphone or tablet or log in with your computer/laptop via their website.

Please be aware, I will be limited in my ability to give accurate, on the spot corrections; this is dependant on what I can see with the webcam set up and video screening. I will, however, endeavour to give as many common corrections during the class.


What is AcroYoga Asana?

There are two AcroYoga Asana in the AcroYoga International tradition. There is the Solar Asana, this is a dynamic sequence that has strength elements, conditioning and inversions to prepare the body for an acrobatic practice.  Whilst the Lunar Asana brings about listening qualities and being present both essential mental and physical well being, probably ideal for these volatile times.

Want to see the Solar Asana?

How about the Lunar Asana?