AcroYoga: Lunar & Solar Weekend at Studio One Yoga

When:  Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May 2017

Where:  Studio One Yoga: Number One, The High Street, Standish WN6 0HA

Costs: (tbc)

  • £40 per person per day for bookings made by 31/3/17
  • £75 weekend per person for bookings made by 31/3/17
  • £130 weekend for couples for booking made by 31/3/17
  • £50 per person per day for bookings after 31/3/17

Bookings are made directly with the studio.

Saturday: Lunar Thai & Fly Day 1-7pm

The AcroYoga Lunar practice cultivates the art of deep listening, loving touch and the ability to give and receive.

You will learn:

  • to fly passively by trusting and letting go;
  • the power of the breath in releasing fear and emotional holding patterns;
  • ground, accept and witness.

The day will consist of:

  • the Lunar asana to prepare your physical and mental body for the afternoon ahead;
  • elements of Thai massage to explore energetic flow and blockages in the body; and
  • work with the breath, gravity, body weight, touch and vibrations to release and unblock.

We will introduce suspended therapeutics, involving a base and flyer. The base grounds and suspends the flyer with their hands and feet to create.  The passive nature of the flyer enables the base to sculpt the flyer into a variety of shapes that stretch and opens the flyers upper body, enabling the potential release of tension and muscular holding patterns.

Open to all and especially those who have studied or are studying massage or other forms of body work.

Sunday: Solar Acro Day 11-5pm

The AcroYoga Solar practice is focus on acrobatics, covering alignment techniques and strength elements that progress into basic partner balancing, cultivating trust, strength and flexibility whilst working as a team.

We will cover:

  • yoga asana & conditioning;
  • inversions & spotting techniques;
  • L basing acrobatic balancing & transitions; and
  • hand to hand & foot to hand connections.

We will hold a safe and supportive environment that will empower the whole room to be upside down and play!  Exploring possibilities of collaboration, connection & mutually finding points of balance.

Open to all with some form of body awareness and practice.

Delve into your acrobatic potential, no direct experience necessary.