AcroYoga in Brighton

A day of acrobatics and flying transitions

OK this is not quiet hanging out hey but it looks pretty cool!

When: 17th April 2011, 10.30-5.30pm

Where: Brighton Natural Health Centre, Brighton UK

Price: £50 on the day or £40 concessions or if booked before 4th April 2011.

This workshop forms the second part to our offering at the Brighton Natural Health Centre.

Tap into your acrobatic potential. Believe in the possible.

AcroYoga – Flying Transitions – advance to intermediate level

Learn to flip, spin, drop back and float, all while suspended in the air with the support of a partner! Using time-tested acrobatic training techniques, students will learn how to combine basic flying positions with inversions to create dynamic flying flows. We will demonstrate techniques for bases, flyers and spotters that will keep the flying safe and supported. Come with a familiarity with handstands and 3-6 months a AcroYoga experience.

Please contact the studio for bookings: –


Telephone: +44 1273 600 010

A day of yummy massage and flying therapeutics

Now there is a now way to 'hang out'!

When: Sunday 13th March 2011, 9.30-4.30pm
Brighton Natural Health Centre, Brighton UK.

Price: £50 on the day £40 concession or if booked before 28th February 2011

This workshop is part of a two part series at the Brighton Natural Health Centre for 2011 the first focusing on therapeutics.

Come along and indulge yourself!

AcroYoga – Thai and Fly – open to all levels

Teachers – Jaqui & Anna

Therapeutic flying and Thai massage are the practices that hone an AcroYogis ability to be sensitive and receptive. Students will learn and practice honest, clear, compassionate communication to build the foundation of partnership. We will draw upon the natural forces of gravity and “metta” loving kindness to encourage the body to let go of fear and tension. The flow of basing and flying, giving and receiving, honoring and accepting, inhaling and exhaling will take both yogis into a new place of union and bliss. Some yoga experience recommended, no partner needed.

Please contact the studio for bookings: –


Telephone: +44 1273 600 010

An Acro weekend intensive with Jaqui and Jesse

Posted 9th September 2010

When: 23rd & 24th October 2010

Where: Brighton Natural Health Centre Brighton BN1 1UL

Price: £100 GBP before 10/08/2010 £120 GBP after 10/08/2010

*All participants must pre-register and complete an application form*

**All accepted participants will be required to attend the whole weekend.
There will be no opportunity to drop in for one day**

For info please email with the heading: Advanced Acro @ BNHC

Getting the foundations, inversions & balancing Saturday 23rd October :10.30 – 1.30pm & 2.30 – 5.30pm

Exploring the principles of acrobatics, we will focus on alignment and strength as the building blocks to embodying inversions and acrobatic balancing. We will create a safe container based on the art and skills of great spotting that will serve to support our play mates throughout the weekend. Using these foundations and a smattering of games and group exercises we will progress from basic to more complex partner acrobatics; cultivating trust and clear communication, whilst homing in on the roles of basing and flying.

Exploring acrobatic flying transitions Sunday 24th October: 10.30 – 1.30pm & 2.30 – 5.30pm

Building on the foundations of previous day, we will begin to work on simple to complex flying transitions and washing machines. Working mainly in acrobatic trios, with clearly defined roles of being a base or flyer; the day will focus on the ability to work with compassion, honesty and mutual support to achieve the groups’ success through a variety of acrobatic skills and tricks. You will be faced with challenges and fears but will learn how to deal with them head on through your inner strength, group support and a knowledge that safety is everyones’ priority.

To participate in this weekend offering we require you to: –
1. Have experience basing and flying acrobatic flying transitions.
2. Can you do a one minute handstand against the wall.
3. Can you do a one minute headstand in the middle of the room without a spot.
4. Can you base or fly star and shoulder stand on hands.
5. Have you studied the AcroYoga Flight Manual.