Acro Intensive in Vienna

Acrobatics Intensive – Foundation, Expansion, Creation With Tobias and Jaqui

When: 5th – 7th November 2010

Where: Yogazentrum Ganesha, Vienna Germany

Price: N.N.

This weekend will be a journey into the the art of acrobatic flying: Jaqui Wan and Tobias Frank will offer their unique blend of no nonsense, kick ass acrobatic partner flows, that will challenge, excite and help transform your acro practice to new levels.

Friday night will be foundations suitable for all level: A great opportunity for beginners to get into the dynamic and powerful practice of acrobatics as well as advanced students to review and refine basic techniques. On Saturday we will experience expansion on a physical, emotion and spiritual level. Mastering postures and tapping into the full potential of your mind will allow you to experience joy and grace in your acrobatic practice and create your own flying sequences on Sunday!

Pre requisites:
Friday – free headstand, handstand against the wall recommendable
Saturday – Taking the Friday night class OR acrobatic experience (star and shoulderstand either basing or flying)
Sunday – Taking Saturday OR Drop-In on personal request only

Friday foundation – strength, focus, technique (all level)
“Before you play jazz you got to study and practice the scales” (Jason Nemer)

Expect to play upside down with simple inversions to turn your world around bringing out your inner child. This workshop we will cover the foundations of static acrobatic balancing to develop greater levels of confidence in an environment of safety. We will also focus on the qualities of spotting crucial skill for what we have in store for you this coming weekend. No experience necessary.

Saturday expansion – stepping up to your potential (intermediate)
“This physical environment is your playground of expansion” (Abraham Hicks)

Delving deeper into the principles of acrobatics, we will focus on alignment and strength as the building blocks to embodying inversions and acrobatic balancing. We will create a safe container based on the spotting skills acquired from Friday evening and using these foundations and a smattering of games and group exercises we will progress from basic to more complex partner acrobatics; cultivating trust and clear communication, whilst homing in on the roles of basing and flying.

Sunday creation – open to joy and grace (intermediate – advanced)
“What we play is life” (Louis Armstrong)

Building on the foundations of previous day, we will work on simple to complex flying transitions and washing machines with a focus on artistic expression and presentation. Working mainly in acrobatic trios, with clearly defined roles of being a base or flyer; the day will focus on the ability to work with creativity, fluidity, compassion, honesty and mutual support to achieve the groups’ success through a variety of acrobatic skills and tricks. You will be faced with challenges and fears but will learn how to deal with them head on through your inner strength, group support and a knowledge that safety is everyones priority.

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