Yoga, Conditioning & Therapeutics for Rock Climbers

When:  Saturday 23rd April 2022, 1-4pm

Where: Yonder Studio, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP 


A workshop at Yonder, specifically for rock climbers.  Bringing together the traditions of yoga, Thai massage and flying therapeutics to complement your rock climbing passion.

Maintenance for Rock Climbers

We will cover common climbing issues: – 

  • neck strain;
  • flexibility and tightness in the shoulders;
  • upper body mobility;
  • core strength and stability;
  • finger power and endurance;
  • malleability in the hips;
  • stillness, stability and balance. 

We will begin with yoga asana which will explore flexibility and alignment in the body. There will be opportunities to cover standing and arm-balance poses to help focus on the nuances of stillness and stability; as well as address common areas of stiffness and tightness found in the climber’s body. 

We will cover calisthenic conditioning focusing on the core, fingers, wrists and shoulders; there will also be partner work to build up lower limb strength.

Thereafter we will continue to work in pairs and present elements of Thai massage, flying therapeutics and partner stretches to reconfigure, realign and release stiff and tight bodies.  

Open to all and ideal for those interested in maintaining & supporting their climbing practice.  


Safety Protocols

As we are officially ‘living with Covid’ I would still like to request that everyone please conduct a lateral flow test and confirm they are negative at the start of the workshop. This will enable us all to work comfortably together.  

I will have spare test kits with me should you not have any. 


Cancellation Policy

You are advised that there is a 48 hours notice via email to should you wish to cancel and claim your full refund. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in a £10 admin fee deducted from your refund for each workshop and or each person.

There are exceptions that relate only to Covid protocols