Godstone Play Day for Autumn and Winter 2012

Godstone Play Days Autumn & Winter 2012

An opportunity to plan ahead and book in your play times,..


  • Sunday 11th Nov 2012 10-5.30pm
  • Sunday 2nd Dec 2012 10.5.30pm

Where: St Nicolas Hall, Godstone RH9 8DT

Costs: £40 early bookings or £50.

This established play dates in Godstone is open to all. Come and share your day with a regular crew are all big kids looking for a laugh and an opportunity to play together safely and with joy.  We have the dates until the end of the year, so booking them in your diaries!


We plan on getting you into your bodies through a yoga asana sequence, encourage you to expand with partner stretches, discover your healing hands and feet through flying therapeutics, as well as find your acrobatic bodies with handstand practice and acrobatic balancing flows. Come with an open mind and continue the play.

There will be an 90min lunch break please bring a packed lunch.  For booking info call 07917 787 768 or email info@annabelyoga.com or you can pay direct via PayPal using the button below.

Dates and Early Bird Rates

Bodhitrix – a journey to Paris

An AcroYoga-tasic adventure 

When: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th June 2012

Where: Studio Keller, Arrondissment Paris, France

Cost: All weekend €80 (€140 couples) before 2/6/12 there after €95 (€170 couples)

Made from organic cotton

An AcroYoga-tastic adventure

 We will present the Players Deck, a series of 108 cards that will expose human collaborations to their potential the weekend will cover, partner stretches, flying therapeutics, supine foot & hand balances, counter balances and trios. The imagination and prowess for yumminess and play is infinite!

This offering is ideal for the yoga and acroyogi with both experience and confidence in their practice and more importantly an openess and willingness to share and learn from each other.

Saturday  – Starting an Acro Adventure

This day will visit the foundations of acrobatic connections and transitions there by reinforcing the skills, strength and softness required for partner balancing and movement.  The  Bodhitrix cards will used through out the day.

Sunday – Play to your potential

This day will focus on the randomness of pulling out the cards to develop washing machines and sequences, as well as play games with them such as:

  • pass the flyer
  • flyer ping pong
  • bird free zone
  • two flyers one base
  • or potentially develop new ones
Please contact the studio directly for bookings.