International Acrobatics Convention 2010

Acro: What the…..!!!!

After attending and teaching at the 3rd International Acrobatics Convention in France, I was left aghast at the shear level, skill and expertise of both the teachers and participants who attended. It was a fabulous opportunity to learn from the amazing and abundantly experienced teachers, not only running the workshops but participating at the Convention also. I was left often shell shocked by the potential of what human bodies can do with focus, direction and lots and lots of training. It just makes me realise how much of a journey I have ahead of me on my acrobatic path. Needless to say the pictures supporting the blog are here to inspire rather than to shock.

Yeay to more Acro!!!

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A little taster as to what can be possible with alot of training

International Acrobatics Convention

Posted 13th August 2010

What: Workshop – International Acrobatics Convention Bordeaux France
When: From Saturday 14th – Monday 24th August 2010

Jaqui Wan & Jesse Saunders will be resident AcroYoga & Yoga teachers thorough out this gathering International exchange and free training, as well as workshops with international artists, mostly on partner-acrobatics, but also on other circus disciplines.

More information:

The meeting will take place in St. Eulalie en Born du Lac, app. 70km south west of Bordeaux. The site of the convention is located directly next to a big campsite, itself situated less than 100m from the large “Etang de Biscarrosse” lake and otherwise very isolated. There is a sandy beach at the lake, where it is possible to play volleyball. Acrobatic can be easily practiced in the water, as the banks are very shallow.


For the festival: