AcroYoga Level 2 Teacher Training

OMG a low hand to hand

All in a days training!

Having just recently completed my AcroYoga Level 2 Teacher Training at Frog Lotus Yoga in North Adams Massachusetts.  I have yet to process the sheer volume of learning that I had experienced in a period of just under three weeks.  One thing is for certain, the student mind and the state of constant learning is something I am valuing more and more.   I was one of 15 invited AcroYoga teachers from around the globe.  I was so honoured to be invited and be among such esteemed and accomplished teachers from all manner of yoga traditions.  The collective sense of community and desire to share skills and experience was truly awesome.  We were like a tapestry of shining stars set against a beautiful clear deep blue sky all supporting each other to provide a skyline of abundant brilliance.  See what we got up to here.