A letter from America

A letter from America

The sky is the limit

When you guys were here in California recently, me and my friend took two of your Acroyoga workshops (the one in West LA and the other in Long Beach). We were hooked right away at our first lesson, which was good because we had really high hopes of being able to incorporate some Acroyoga into a dance piece that I was invited to do at one of the largest bellydance festivals in Southern California.

After the two workshops we took (Art of Spotting and the one on Thai Massage) with you guys, Tari and I worked diligently twice a week for 5-6 weeks to learn more basics of Acroyoga with the help of the video and manual. It was fun and really hard at the same time. We laughed a lot. I farted on Tari a couple times which made us laugh more! We over did it once and I fell which I cried really hard over; luckily I didn’t get injured but it was a very emotional moment that brought us closer together and made me remember how important it is to have a spotter (which we did after that).

More importantly, we are in love with the practice and are committed to doing it for a lifetime! We really appreciate the skills you taught, how you taught it, and just for being so inspiring!

If you want, please view this video to see the fruits of our labor. The first part is my dance solo, followed by 5+ minutes of Acroyoga (much of it taken from the video with slight aesthetic modifications to make it look more dance-y). The last part with the juggling balls was taken from the first workshop we took with you guys (see what an impact you had on us!)