Inversions and Partner Inversions @ Sacred Heart Centre

When:  Saturday 10th February 2018, 10am – 4.30pm

Where: Sacred Heart Centre, 25 Rodney Street, Edinburgh EH7 4EL

Cost: £75 or £60 early bird rate if booked on or before 20th January 2018.

Bookings are made directly with the studio or click here.

Jaqui - loop to loop


The majority of our physical time is spent upright or horizontal, rarely do we spend our days inverted, UPSIDE DOWN.

Yet, there are many listed health benefits of inversions these include the:
– cardiovascular,
– lymphatic
– endocrine and nervous systems to name a few.

Not only are there health benefits, but it can also be a lot of fun to disorientate your perspective of the world and seeing it from the ground up.

Students will learn:
– the alignment techniques and strength elements to prepare for inversions;
– to calibrate with colleagues and explore inversions in partner balances; and
– to acquire the techniques of spotting and coach inversions.

We will focus on the classic asana inversions from the simple; the forward bend, downward facing dog to the more complex forearm balances, headstand and handstands. Thereafter, will explore inversions on another person, whether it be an ankles, thighs, hands and or on the back. Is a great way to get creative but at the same time feel supported.

Its time challenge yourself and bring back your youthful fearlessness, what better way to do this than being inverted?

Some yoga or body practice would be an advantage. We will build it up progressively working on upper body strength, core conditioning and wrist awareness. Be prepared to work in pairs or in small groups.

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