All classes are currently being taught online.

   Tuesday Wednesday        Friday    Sunday
    12:15 – 13:00

Hatha 45


for members only

Hidden Gym

              11:15 – 12:00        Vinyasa 45  


£5 per class  

The Light Centre   



  18:30 – 19:45 

Dynamic Flow            ONLINE        

£12 per class

hosted by

Yonder Studio E17

19:00 – 20:30

Solar Sessions


£5 per class

AcroYoga Asana Wednesdays

                                      18:30 – 20:00  

Solar Sessions  ONLINE

£5 per class

AcroYoga Asana Sundays


To participate in these classes you need a device to stream from, a laptop, tablet or smartphone. All listed classes will be presented on the Zoom Video Communications platform. You can either download the Zoom App on your smartphone or tablet or log in with your computer/laptop via their website.

Please be aware, I will be limited in my ability to give accurate, on the spot corrections; this is dependant on what I can see with the webcam set up and video screening. I will, however, endeavour to give as many common corrections during the class.


Please be aware each studio will have their own protocols for ensuring their classes run safely and where possible maintain appropriate social distancing. In all cases, you will be required to enter the premises with a mask and current WHO guidelines suggest you can train without a mask.  Which may mean taking off your mat once on your mat.   Please do check with the respective studio on their guidelines to attending classes.  

“Do your practice and all is coming.” Sri K Patthabi Jois 1915 – 2009




Explore the interplay of a solo yoga practice, partner acrobatics and healing arts.  A typical class would include acrobatic principles to inversions and partner balancing with a focus on alignment, conditioning; and technique that progresses into transitions.  Each class aims in cultivating trust, strength and flexibility; whilst working as a team player.


AcroYoga Asana 

There are two AcroYoga Asana in the AcroYoga International tradition. There is the Solar Asana, this is a dynamic sequence that has strength elements, conditioning and inversions to prepare the body for an acrobatic practice.  Whilst the Lunar Asana brings about listening qualities and being present both essential mental and physical well being, probably ideal for these volatile times.


Vinyasa Yoga 

A strong variable sequence that addresses both strength and flexibility.  Any single class may involve pulsing movements to open up the body; vinyasa breath and movement to instigate heat and mobility; conditioning and strength exercises to build robustness and body tone, as well as presenting challenging poses and balances to inspire your practice and believe in your potential.


Hatha Yoga

Generally a more therapeutic practice on reworking the alignment in the body, more suited to practitioners wanting a more considered slower-paced practice.


Dynamic Flow

A breath and movement sequence that brings together a series of postures that gradually move towards pinnacle pose often referred to as ‘vinyasa krama’, very creative and conducted at fluid moving pace.  Suited to the practitioner who is comfortable in exploring their physical bodies.


Yoga for better posture

A 45-minute restorative practice dedicated to the awareness of the breath and its role in bring realignment and awareness to the spine.  We use props to help reset the torso from habit patterns of modern-day to day living, to bring about the potential of natural elongated length.  Suitable for all levels and for those wanting to dedicate time to their backs.


Hey it’s not me that’s saying this,……..

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