“Building community is to the collective

as a spiritual practice is to the individual”

Grace Lee Boggs

1915 – 2015


Teaching Schedule 2021 by Jaqui Wan

Above is my public teaching schedule. To book please click on the name of the classes that are underlined in purple. 

When online streaming 

Please be aware, I will be limited in my ability to give accurate, on the spot corrections; this is dependant on what I can see with the webcam set up and what the camera can see. I will, however, endeavour to give as many common corrections during the class.



If you want background information on what is Yoga Asana or AcroYoga click here


Explore the interplay between partner acrobatics and healing arts.  A typical class would include acrobatic principles through inversions; partner conditioning; partner calibrations that progress into L basing transitions.  Each class aims in cultivating trust, strength and flexibility; whilst working as a team player.

Solar Sessions

This practice is drawn from the principles of Acroyoga and combines yoga asana poses with acrobatic conditioning, inversions and balances. It can be considered a challenging sequence but as it is your practice you do what you can, improvise or pass on sections as you wish.

Vinyasa Flow 

A variable sequence that combines strength and flexibility with vinyasa breath and movement to generate heat and mobility. Any single class may involve pulsing repetitions to open up the body; strength conditioning to help build robustness and tone, aimed at getting you into your physical wellness. 

Hatha Yoga

Generally, a therapeutic practice that recalibrated the alignment in the body. For those wanting a more considered practice, with a focus on slowing the breath and bringing a synthesis to body and mind.

Dynamic Flow

A breath and movement sequence that brings a series of postures that gradually move towards pinnacle pose often referred to as ‘vinyasa krama’, very creative and conducted at a fluid moving pace incorporating challenging poses and balances to inspire your practice.  Suited to the practitioner who is comfortable in exploring their physical bodies.

Yoga for better posture

A restorative practice dedicated to the realignment and awareness of the spine.  We use props to help reset the torso from habit patterns of modern-day to day living, to bring about the natural opening and space.  Suitable for all levels and for those wanting to dedicate time on postural awareness.