“Do your practice and all is coming.” Sri K Patthabi Jois 1915 – 2009

Please note over the coming months I will be away for teaching or training engagements overseas our outside London and will not be teaching on the following dates: –

  • Tuesday 15th – Friday 18th August 2017
  • Tuesday 29th August – Friday 1st September 2017
  • Friday 8th – Wednesday 20 September 2017
  • Monday 25th September – Tuesday 10th October 2017
  • Sunday 22nd October 2017

Please note during these periods other teachers will be covering my classes do check the studio for more information.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
07:00-08:00 Dynamic YogaVirgin Active Barbican*
11:30- 12:15
Yoga for better posture The Light Centre, Belgravia
Hatha Yoga Tokei Centre, London Bridge
Yoga Flow The Light Centre, Belgravia
AcroYoga Yotopia, Covent Garden

* Membership schemes apply.


Explore the interplay of a solo yoga practice, partner acrobatics and healing arts.  A typical class would include acrobatic principles to inversions and partner balancing with a focus on alignment, conditioning; and technique that progresses into transitions.  Each class aims of cultivating trust, strength and flexibility; whilst working as a team player.

If you would like to purchase a six class pass for the Sunday night sessions only please use the PayPal button below.

Dynamic Yoga

A strong variable sequence that addresses both strength and flexibility.  The practice uses pulsing movements and works on the whole body including the core.   Suitable to the practitioner keen on building their overall robustness and body tone.


Hatha Yoga

Generally a more therapeutic practice on reworking the alignment in the body, more suited to practitioners wanting a more considered slower paced practice.


Yoga Flow

A breath and movement sequence that brings together a series of postures that gradually move towards pinnacle pose often referred to as ‘vinyasa krama’, very creative and conducted at fluid moving pace.  Suited to the practitioner who is comfortable in exploring their physical bodies.


Yoga for better posture

A 45-minute restorative practice dedicated to the awareness of the breath and its role in bring realignment and awareness to the spine.  We use props to help reset the torso from habit patterns of modern day to day living, to bring about the potential of natural elongated length.  Suitable for all levels and for those wanting to dedicate time to their backs.


Hey it’s not me that’s saying this,……..

For student feed back on some of the courses I have run please read below: –



  • Hello,

    My friend and I would love to join you on Sunday 29th for the AcroYoga in Finsbury Park. Do we need to book in advance or just rock up?

    Thanks, Thalissa

    • Just rock up, posting are made on the AcroYoga London FB page. There are classes running up to the 13th, the 20th needs to be confirmed.



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