AcroYoga in East Grinstead

AcroYoga Inversions & Acrobatics with Jaqui

When: Date to be confirmed for early 2011 10:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Where: Yoga Akasha, East Grinstead RH19 1AW

Price: £45 early bird £50 within two weeks of the scheduled workshop

With the support of a partner we will embody support, receptivity and trust. Students will solidify spotting techniques in basic inversions as the foundation for acrobatics. The progressions lead to basic partner acrobatics cultivating strength and flexibility while working as a team. A playful, safe, supportive environment will empower the whole room to be upside down and connect to the divine! Recommended for students with an intermediate yoga practice.

The second part of our two day offering.

A day of massage and flying therapeutics with Jaqui & Jesse

Aghhhhhhh,. Man that feels good

When: November 14th, 2010 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Where: Yoga Akasha, East Grinstead RH19 1AW

Price: £45 before 07/11/2010 £50 after 07/11/2010

Therapeutic flying and Thai massage are the practices that hones an AcroYogis ability to be sensitive and receptive. Students will learn and practice honest, clear, compassionate communication to build the foundation of partnership. We will draw upon the natural forces of gravity and “metta” loving kindness to encourage the body to let go of fear and tension. The flow of basing and flying, giving and receiving, honoring and accepting, inhaling and exhaling will take both yogis into a new place of union and bliss. Some yoga experience
recommended, no partner needed.

This part of two day autumn offering.

International Acrobatics Convention 2010

Acro: What the…..!!!!

After attending and teaching at the 3rd International Acrobatics Convention in France, I was left aghast at the shear level, skill and expertise of both the teachers and participants who attended. It was a fabulous opportunity to learn from the amazing and abundantly experienced teachers, not only running the workshops but participating at the Convention also. I was left often shell shocked by the potential of what human bodies can do with focus, direction and lots and lots of training. It just makes me realise how much of a journey I have ahead of me on my acrobatic path. Needless to say the pictures supporting the blog are here to inspire rather than to shock.

Yeay to more Acro!!!

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A little taster as to what can be possible with alot of training

International Acrobatics Convention

Posted 13th August 2010

What: Workshop – International Acrobatics Convention Bordeaux France
When: From Saturday 14th – Monday 24th August 2010

Jaqui Wan & Jesse Saunders will be resident AcroYoga & Yoga teachers thorough out this gathering International exchange and free training, as well as workshops with international artists, mostly on partner-acrobatics, but also on other circus disciplines.

More information:

The meeting will take place in St. Eulalie en Born du Lac, app. 70km south west of Bordeaux. The site of the convention is located directly next to a big campsite, itself situated less than 100m from the large “Etang de Biscarrosse” lake and otherwise very isolated. There is a sandy beach at the lake, where it is possible to play volleyball. Acrobatic can be easily practiced in the water, as the banks are very shallow.


For the festival:

Juggling Adventures

Happy New Year!

Last year, Tobias Frank and I co instructed acroyoga at Buddhafield. This was only the first of our collaborations and over the festive period Tobias and I joined forces again at the annual Jugglers Festival in Regensburg, Germany. This intimate event is held ever year between Christmas Day and New Year.  Over the years, I’ve become more and more entranced with acrobatics and circus skills, and I knew sooner or later I would come head to head with the challenge of juggling. So in some ways you can say this was my juggling judgment day, but what better environment than being surrounded by juggling experts and aficionados to provide inspiration, passion and experience to set my butter fingers to task. The Festival was located at ‘Utopia’; it was to be our place of work, rest and play for the whole duration. Not only was it a privilege to learn under the guidance of masters, but to watch close up such talent at work was a joy. One of the virtuosos at work was Manne Hanke who’s ability is nothing less than art and had me dumbfounded. Watch him in action hereand for more go to his YouTube channel.

My attempt at juggling was pitiful and bordered on the comical.  After epic fail after epic fail, my sanity and credibility was rescued by a poorly disguised desperate play of showmanship in the form of handstands – executed only to remind my  all too frail ego that I can do something of worth. It was good to leave with the aide memoir that practice, practice and practice make perfect. What a great end to 2009 and start to 2010.

Show Business

Jesse Saunders is a name you’ll read time and time again throughout this blog. He’s my trusted and brilliant Acroyoga teaching partner, super talented acrobalance accomplice and needless to say, close friend. We have been working together for over three years and a natural accumulation of our partnership and love of showmanship led to stage performance.  Having dipped our toes at the annual Mind Body Spirit Festival 2009 and London Yoga Show 2008, we were poised to create something bigger and better.

Drum roll please.

Jesse and I were invited to put on a show at the Scratch That cabaret night at the Hanger, also known as the Aircraft Circus School based in South East London in July. Having received our invite only two weeks before the big night, Jesse and I began preparations immediately. We knew what we wanted to achieve; an entertaining narrative that incorporated the multidisciplinary arts of acrobatics and circus skills, topped off with a very generous helping of character and comedy. Borrowing from popular culture, we took created a sketch featuring the quarrelsome antics of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. What ensued was unabashed acrobatic inspired slapstick, as the bickering twosome squabbled over a poor hapless suitcase.

Our big night was filled with the typical pre-stage butterflies, but a warm audience and the bright lights made for an exciting, memorable roller coaster experience. Post performance highs guarantee a sequel!

We Are Family

As a self confessed acroyoga junkie, I was thrilled to be part of Acroyoga London’s inaugural closed course group. Having attended Sunday night classes for about a year I felt I was ready for take on the challenge of progressing my Acroyoga skills to the next level. The course certainly did not disappoint and  over the six months our group transformed into micro community who were united in the need and experience of learning and practice of asanas, performance skills, massage techniques and flying routines.
Jaqui Wan and Jesse Saunders led a group of students, most of which already had a strong foundation from attending regular open classes. Together they helped us progress to the next level of competence and confidence; each month we delved more deeply into the multidisciplinary practices of Acroyoga. We enjoyed guest instruction from experts like Brett Jackson of the Swamp Circus, and due to our solid background  he was able to share advanced and invaluable circus tips and tricks.
Our Group formed a genuine bond; and so it was no surprise when we elected to rent a mini bus and take a group outing to Holland for the annual Dutch Acrobatic Festival; where we were able to share with the world how strong and accomplished Acroyoga London had become and it’s position as a bedrock in the global Acroyoga family.
It was a genuine pleasure and an honour to be part of the Group and the broader community; the opportunity to deepen my practice with dedicated teachers and committed students who embody Acroyoga’s principles is not a chance to be missed.

By Danny Attias

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