Understanding Yoga Asana & the Art of Alignment & Assists

When: Saturday, 8th October 2022, 2–5pm

Where: Yonder Studio, 4-6 Hookers Road, London, E17 6DP 



An afternoon’s introduction to yoga asana with a focus on alignment and assists. 

I will bring to this workshop, my 18 years of experience in teaching yoga and seeing bodies in practice; applying my knowledge as a bodyworker and yoga practitioner.  For more info about me see the following link

This workshop is for inquisitive yoga practitioners wishing to:–

  • evolve and inform their yoga asana practice;
  • understand the balance between body anatomy and yoga alignment; and 
  • explore the nuances of yoga assists.

Open to anyone with an interest in yoga asana whether they be a beginner or with multiple years of experience. We will cover: – 

  • the historical traditions and lineages of yoga asana;
  • the alignment principles of at least ten key yoga asanas/poses found in most yoga asana classes and how it applies to different bodies and flexibilities; and
  • the art of helpful adjustments, what is appropriate and what is not.

Come with your questions and thoughts about your own practice, there will be room for us all to share and learn together. 


Cancellation Policy

You are advised to give at least 48 hours notice via email to hello@jaquiwan.com should you wish to cancel and claim your full refund. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in a £10 admin fee deducted from your refund for each workshop and or each person.

There are exceptions to this protocol if you have been told to isolate and or have had a recent positive covid test result.  A full refund will be issued upon submission of evidence to confirm your circumstance.