Headstand & Handstands weekend at Yoga K, Montreux, Switzerland

Discover your inversions a focus on headstand and handstands @ Yoga K, Montreux, Switzerland



  • Friday 6th Dec 2019, 7-9pm: The Art on Headstands
  • Saturday 7th Dec 2019, 10am-1pm: The World of Inversions & Arm Balances
  • Sunday 8th Dec 2019, 10am-1pm: Partner Inversions & Partner Balances 

Where: Centre Yoga K, Rue de la Ruvenettaz 2 – 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

Cost:  For bookings see FB event link or contact Karine Gammuto 

  • All weekend: CHF140
  • Friday Only: CHF40
  • Saturday Only: CHF60
  • Sunday Only: CHF60 


The Art of Headstands – Friday 6th Dec 2019, 7-9pm:  

This two-hour workshop will focus on the technical skills required to do the classic yoga inversion the headstand is also known as Sirsasana.  
We will: –  
  • breakdown the strength elements that will embody the foundations of this pose and
  • learn how to support and spot a headstand, what to look for? and how to keep the headstander safe whist they are balancing.
Once the principles of balances and safety are covered we will then move onto variations of headstands looking at both hand positions and leg variations.  
We will end with a therapeutic massage sequence to help release any built-up tension in the neck and shoulders. 
No experience necessary, just an interest in learning how to do and or play with headstands.  
Please seek further advice directly with the teacher if you have any of the following conditions: – low blood pressure, neck, head or shoulder injuries.    


The World of Inversions & Arm Balances – Saturday 7th Dec 2019, 10am – 1pm: 

This three-hour offering to delve into the world of balancing on your hands.  Have you ever been baffled by inversions or arm balances?  Is it strength? Is it flexibility?  Or is it overcoming the fear? 

This workshop is ideal for those who are comfortable being upside down, with a regular yoga practice and who are keen to discover more about their hand and arm balancing potential.  
We will cover the classic yoga inversions: – 
  • Pincha Mayurasana – forearm balances and 
  • Adho Mukha Vrksasana – handstands 

But we will explore a range of arm balancing including: – 

  • Tittibasana / firefly, 
  • Parsva Bakasana / side crow and 
  • Eka Pada Koudiyasana / split leg arm balance, and 
  • there will be more to explore. 

We will cover alignment techniques, strength elements, the embodiment of inversions and how to safely take weight on your arms and hands.  

We will also be working in pairs and cover how to support and spot with confidence so as to help maintain safety in the room.

Prerequisites: Should be able to do a headstand against a wall for 15 seconds.


Partner Inversions & Partner Balances – Sunday 8th Dec 2019, 10am – 1pm: 

We will focus on the collaboration involved when working in pairs.  We will be delve into the world of partner inversions and balances whilst working in groups of three maybe four to ensure there is both sufficient support and safety in the room.
We will explore the push-pull nuances of partner balancing and the calibrations that allows the creation of symmetrical and asymmetric shapes and poses.
We will build it up progressively working on both partner stamina and confidence and will cover: –
  • partner conditioning,
  • partner inversions,
  • symmetrical counterbalances, and 
  • inversions on body parts.
Come with an open mind and willingness to play.  No partner needed.  

‘You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.’ Plato
Prerequisites: Should be able to do a headstand against a wall for 15 seconds.