Exploring Inversion & Arm Balances at Yotopia

Exploring Inversions and Arm Balances with Jaqui


When:  Sunday 14th October 2018, 2.30pm – 5.30pm

Where:  Yotopia, 13 Mercer Street, London WC2H 9QH. Tel: 0333 405 8888

Cost: £35 please click here for bookings


Challenge your yoga asana practice and explore the world of balancing on your hands.

This workshop is ideal for those with regular yoga asana practice and or other forms of body awareness practices; and who are keen to discover their hands and arm balancing potential.  You will learn the alignment techniques, strength elements, the embodiment of inversions and taking weight on your arms and hands. We will build it up progressively working on upper body stamina, core conditioning and wrist awareness.

It’s your chance to challenge yourself and get creative in your asana practice.


Ready to do anything.  There is almost no such thing as ready.  There is only now. 

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