AcroYoga Therapeutics @ Yotopia

AcroYoga – an intro to therapeutics @ Yotopia

When: Sunday 2nd March 2013 2-5pm

Where: Yotopia, St Martin’s Courtyard,13 Mercer Street, London WC2H 9QJ

Cost: £25 if booked on or before 24th February 2013, there after £30.  Please contact the studio for bookings.

AcroYoga focuses on mutual support, giving and receiving, honoring and accepting. Discover your potential to tap in and out as well as be, to give and receive as well as to trust and connect.

In this workshop you will discover the principles of healing hands through a lead Thai massage sequence; explore the art of therapeutic flying a practice that explores the combination of rooted, grounding energy and fluid receptivity. The base embodies the earth element and creates a solid foundation for the flyer to experience inverted aerial flows blended with therapeutic massage techniques. The relationship deepens as partners exchange roles as flyer and base, increasing their capacity for trust and communication.

Be prepared to work on pairs or in small groups.