AcroYoga weekend @ Flow Studio Belfast

AcroYoga @ Flow Studio Belfast


When:  25th & 26th April 2015, 1-4 & 5-8pm on both days.

Where: Flow Studio Belfast, Cathedral Quarter, Belfast, BT1 2LB.

Cost: Half day £30, one full day £50 & all weekend £80 (bookings are made direct with the studio).

A weekend intro into the immense practice that is AcroYoga.  Solar Saturday will introduce the art of inversions, partner acrobatics & transitions a day to tap into your fearless inner child. Whilst Lunar Sunday is an exploration into the healing touch of Thai massage and flying therapeutics. An opportunity to discover your human potential. Come be supported and enjoy a journey of connection, trust & play.

Participants must have a willingness to work in pairs or in groups of three or more, have a regular physical body practice of some kind and a willingness to be upside down.

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Jaqui Wan is a supportive yet challenging teacher.  Her practice is both powerful & dynamic but she also encourages playful collaboration and connection.

Jaqui is a certified yoga, AcroYoga teacher and bodywork practitioner. She was one of the first certified teachers in AcroYoga and was partly responsible for introducing this new and exciting form to the UK.  She has for the past years focused her energies on European acrobatics and is a keen base & flyer.  

Acrobatics at C Yoga Centre, Tianjin

Discover acrobatic balances and trio tricks

When: Thursday 26th March 2015

Where: C Yoga Centre, Tianjin, China

Costs: To be confirmed

A day long offering to work on collaboration and bringing individual strengths together and with these building blocks explore what the infinite possibilities are.

AM: Acrobatic Balances

We will work progressively, getting you strong in your physical body and building on your mental well being allowing you to try things that may seem impossible and making them possible.

We will working on strong foundations, precise body actions as well as boundaries to create human shapes and transitions that involve bases, flyers and spotters.  We will also have the opportunity to train with the Bodhitrix – Players Deck (

PM: Trio Tricks

Learn to build a three person static balances often referred to as trio pyramids.  There could be two flyers and one base or vice versa.  For this session you will be working in groups of at least five, with two spotters supporting each trick.  You will learn how to build trio pyramids progressively and be supported in the process.

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AcroYoga Weekend @ Yoga Yard, Beijing

An AcroYoga weekend at Yoga Yard

When: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd March 2015, 9.30am – 5pm (there will be a lunch break of 90 minutes)

Where: Yoga Yard, Beijing, China

Costs: Weekend 1100rmb. (Early Bird discount 900rmb, if paid before March 2, 2015) or Saturday only at 600rmb. (Early Bird discount 550rmb, if paid before March 2, 2015.)

A weekend introduction to AcroYoga.  An opportunity to explore acrobatic transitions, washing machines, Thai massage and flying therapeutics.

Flying Transitions

We will begin with a series of static poses, involving a flyer and a base and once the foundations are set the intention would be to piece them together to create flying sequences.  Students will work in groups of three; base, flyer and spotter(s), I will encourage everyone to play with all the roles and collaborate progressively in building acrobatic flying sequences and routines.

Cycles and Washing Machines

These sequences can often be complicated and challenging, requiring good physical strength, stamina and communication between the base and flyer.  I will teach patterns that can be repeated as cycles which are more commonly called washing machines in Europe and North America.

Thai Massage

I will introduce this healing art form; covering its traditional links with Buddhism and metta bhavana (loving kindness), working the whole body from the feet upwards to the top of the head: or cover specific areas that can support the practice of Flying Therapeutics as mentioned below.

Flying Therapeutics

This is also considered part of the healing arts within the practice of AcroYoga.  I will cover a number of principles in the practice of therapeutic flying, where the receiver (flyer) surrenders their weight to the giver (base) who in turn takes that trust and is able to manipulate and elongate the flyers upper body through a process of suspended and supported movements and transitions.

Participants must have a willingness to work in pairs or in groups of three or more, have a regular physical body practice of some kind and a willingness to be upside down.

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Bookings are made directly with the studio.

Refine your solo practice @ C Yoga Centre Tianjin

Refining your solo practice


When: Wednesday 25th March 2015

Where: C Yoga Centre, Tianjin, China

Costs: To be confirmed


A day long opportunity to focus on your solo practice, the intention is to explore and challenge our physical and mental boundaries.

AM: Power Asana & Partner Yoga 

An asana sequence that is guaranteed to challenge the most experienced of yoga practitioners.  The practice will combine acrobatic conditioning with inversions and numerous advanced poses to bring about a complete all round physically energising experience. Suited to students who are comfortable in exploring their physical bodies.

After the asana session there will be time to work together on assisted stretched ofter known as partner yoga.

PM: Arm Balances and Inversions

An opportunity to delve into the world of balancing on your hands.  Have you ever been baffled by arm balances?  Is it strength? Is it flexibility?  Or is it fear that’s stopping you from getting your head round them?  This session is an opportunity to explore the mechanics of balancing on your hands.

The session will lead on from the mornings asana practice and will progress lab style into the world of hand and arm balancing.  Do not be fooled into thinking you will be able to do all by the end of the session, that takes practice, practice, practice.  What you will get is a direction and an approach in mastering them.

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Godstone Play Days

Godstone Play Days – spring 2015


  • Sunday 1st February 2015: 10am – 4.30pm
  • Sunday 1st March 2015: 10am – 4.30pm
  • Sunday 19th April 2015: 10am – 4.30pm Cancelled, due to double booking at the venue.

Where: St Nicolas Hall, Godstone, RH9 8DT

Cost:  £40 early bird rate or £50

Our ongoing play dates in Godstone is open to all. Come and share your day with a regular and growing crew of big kids looking for laughs and an opportunity to play safely and with joy together.

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We plan on getting you into your bodies with a yoga warm up sequence, maybe we will expand with partner stretches or discover your healing hands and feet through flying therapeutics or which is often more the case find your acrobatic bodies with handstands and acrobatic flying sequences, all is possible. Come with an open mind and continue the play.

There will be a 45-60min lunch break please bring a packed lunch. For info chocolate buttons has become the Godstone standard sugar & energy supplement.

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