My Top Ten Websites

To be fair all the following people and organisations have had an impact on me in all manor of ways shapes and forms. There is no order of preference but for consistency I have opted for the alphabet.

Acro-Tricks Database

This site inspires me with its endless list of tricks that are added to by Dutch acrobats.


This practice has opened me to the possibility of combining different disciplines into one practice. I am very greatful to my teachers Jenny and Jason. The both are light leading edge pioneers.

Bodhitrix – The Player Deck

A series of cards aimed at inspiring the experienced practitioner and or teacher to believe in the randomness of chance and unfolding play!

The Castle Climbing Centre

Being city bound, but having visions of climbing the great outdoors, my local all seasons indoor alternative

Growing Communities

This collective is an excellent grassroots operation supporting sustainable organic locally grown food.

Graham Wallace Art

A gifted painter who I was fortunate to meet in Spain 2014.

National Acrobatics Federation

Since discovering AcroYoga I have been obsessed with acrobatics. Holland is the epicenter of partner acrobatics for information on acrobatics gatherings and conventions in Europe and beyond.

The truth according to Puppetji

A recent discovery, absolutely hilarious!  Essential for anyone who is seeking guidance on their spiritual path.

Vaclav Elias

A big thank you to him for his skills and patience in helping me design and building up my websites.

Vipassana Meditation

There are various forms of meditation practices out there and all have their place and benefits to the practitioner. Vipassana meditation as taught by Goenkji is for me very challenging but it does grounds me and enables me focus my outlook in life.