AcroYoga Solar Wknd with Dora Rubinstein & Jaqui Wan

A weekend exploring the solar practice of AcroYoga with Dora Rubinstein & Jaqui Wan


  • Saturday 14th March 2020 (times tbc)
    • 12pm – 3pm: Exploring Inversions & Partner Inversions
    • 4.30pm – 7.30pm: Solar Pre-Reqs Revisited
  • Sunday: 15th March 2020: 12pm-7.30pm (with a 90-minute break)
    • Solar Day – L Basing to Standing Flows Exploring


  • All Weekend: £150 (EB rate £110, 1st Mar 2020)
  • All Day workshop £75 (EB rate £60, 1st Mar 2020)
  • Half-Day Saturday AM or PM £40 (EB rate £30, 1st Mar 2020)
  • For online bookings 


Saturday 14th March 2020: 12pm – 3pm (Early Afternoon) Exploring Inversions & Partner Inversions

This morning workshop will explore the world of being upside down, it will include the art of solo inversion like handstands as well as partner inversions.

Students will learn: –

  • the alignment techniques and strength elements to embody of inversions;
  • how to calibrate with colleagues; and
  • to acquire the techniques of spotting and coach inversions.

We will go through the AcroYoga Solar Asana to prepare the body for inversions. The sequence includes a range from the simple forward bend and downward-facing dog through to the more complex forearm balances, headstand and handstands.

Thereafter, we will explore inversions both with and on another person. This will include the push-pull nuances of partner balancing and the calibrations that allows the creation of symmetrical and asymmetric shapes and poses.


Saturday 14th March 2020: 12pm – 3pm (Late Afternoon – Evening) AcroYoga Solar Pre-Reqs Revisited

This afternoon offering will follow up and revisit February’s

AcroYoga Solar Pre-Reqs workshop.

We will cover: –

  • the principles of L basing balances, range of motion and points of contact;
  • L basing transitions and symmetrical and asymmetrical sequences & washing machines; and
  • the nuances of ‘foot to hand’ and ‘hand to hand’ connections.
An opportunity to train the foundation and develop your acrobatic skills in preparation for our forthcoming five-day AcroYoga Solar Immersion in March 2020. 

Date: Sunday15th March 2020: 12noon-3pm & 4.30pm-7:30pm (tbc)

Solar Day – L basing to Standing Flows

A full day to embodying the acrobat a chance to believe in the possible. 

The morning will review and revisit that includes:-

  • strength elements and partner conditioning,
  • that never-ending work in progress of handstands,
  • L basing calibrations in particular:-
    • perfecting balance through the points of contact (hand and feet placements, bone stacking) and range of motion,
    • old school transitions that are the foundations to fluid movement.

The afternoon we get creative and go with the flow. We will present more challenging sequences that include both L basing and standing balances. We will work progressively and give individual group attention offering tasks and exercises that will challenge all levels of experience.

We will end the day with much-needed therapeutics that aid longevity in your practice.

An opportunity to evolve your acrobatic skills for our forthcoming five day AcroYoga Solar Immersion in March 2020.

Reminder Early Bird deadline ends 16th March 2020.


Dora’s bio:

Dora is a certified Acroyoga and AcroFit teacher with Acroyoga International, as well as a vinyasa yoga teacher. She lives in Yorkshire, teaching there as well as at conventions and immersions across Europe, and at Circus Central in Newcastle.

Dora is known for her playful teaching style and loves helping others play as well as get stronger through acroyoga. She’s a fan of the golden rule – if it’s fun, it’s right! As well as teaching, Dora also performs circus and theatre, and she has spent many happy Augusts in Edinburgh. She’s very excited to be back.


Jaqui’s bio:

Jaqui has an asana yoga practice that spans in excess of 25 years and started teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa in 2003.   
She certified as an AcroYoga teacher in 2006, she has been a complete convert to this practice and as a such has been studying partner acrobatics since her teacher training. She started out as a flyer and for the past years discovered the joys of being a base, despite her size is at times a disadvantage.
Jaqui has a dynamic and at times challenging yet playful teaching style. She loves exploring and mixing practices together to get students into their bodies as well as supporting and collaborating with each other.  Jaqui is based in London but teaches across Europe and beyond.