AcroYoga intro day @ Studio One Yoga

AcroYoga Play Day @ Studio One Yoga

When:  Sunday 17th May 2015 10am – 5pm

Where:  Studio One Yoga, Number One, The High Street, Standish, WN6 0HA.

Costs:  £45 early bird there after £50 £80 couples applies to early bird bookings only. Early bird are bookings made on or before 3/5/15

A day long exploration into the arts of yoga, acrobatics & healing arts with Jaqui Wan. An opportunity to discover your human potential & tap into your fearless inner child. Come and enjoy a journey of play, trust & honest connection.


Standish 0515

Come along and help create the opportunity to share and play within a  joyous container of safety.

For bookings please contact Michelle Almond: –


t. 01257 255589

m. 07746 343282

AcroYoga combines the disciplines of yoga, acrobatics and healing arts into the one practice.  This workshop acts as an introduction, no experience or partner required.

The workshop will be broken up into two three hour elements: –

Inversions & partner acrobatics  –  you will explore the embodiment of inversions, headstands, forearm balances and handstands. We will work progressively in small groups on static balances to sequences; involving a base, flyer and spotter with some focus on transitions. We require you have willingness to explore your fearless inner child.

Healing arts – delve into the world of Thai massage and the practice of therapeutic flying, where the receiver (flyer) surrenders their weight to the giver (base) who in turn takes that trust and is able to manipulate and elongate the flyers upper body through a process of suspended and supported movements and transitions.

Discovering the art of arm balances & inversions

Exploring the art of arm balances and inversions

When:  Sunday 10th May 2015, 2 – 5pm

Where:  Yotopia, 13 Mercer Street, Covent Garden WC2H 9QJ

Costs:  £35, bookings are made directly with Yotopia

Back by popular demand. An afternoon session to delve into the world of balancing on your hands.  Have you ever been baffled by arm balances?  Is it strength? Is it flexibility?  Or is it fear that’s stopping you from getting your head round them?  This is workshop is an opportunity to explore the mechanics of balancing on your hands.

Yoga 3

We will cover handstands, but that is only part of the offering, we will explore a range of arm balancing including Tittibasana / fire fly, Parsva Bakasana / side crow and Eka Pada Koudiyasana / split leg arm balance,  but there is more we will cover.

The session will begin with an asana practice and will progress lab style into the world of hand and arm balancing.  Do not be fooled into thinking you will be able to do all by the end of the session, that takes practice, practice, practice.  What you will get is a direction and an approach to mastering them.

This workshop is ideal for the regular yoga practitioner practicing for at least 9 months to a year and who are keen to explore their hand and arm balancing potential.