A Brighton transition into Spring

AcroYoga transitions & washing machines at the Brighton Natural Health Centre

When: Sunday 28th April 2013 12-7pm

Where: Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street Brighton BN1 1UL

Cost: £40 earlybird, £70 couples earlybird – up to and including 14 April – thereafter £50 per person (even if booking as a couple)

We will begin to work on simple to complex flying transitions and washing machines. Working mainly in acrobatic trios, with clearly defined roles of being a base or flyer, the day will focus on the ability to work with compassion, honesty and mutual support to achieve the groups’ success through a variety of acrobatic skills and tricks. You will be faced with challenges and fears but will learn how to deal with them head on through your inner strength, group support and a knowledge that safety is everyone’s priority.

This workshop will be co-taught with Jolan Evans.

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AcroYoga Therapeutics @ Yotopia

AcroYoga – an intro to therapeutics @ Yotopia

When: Sunday 2nd March 2013 2-5pm

Where: Yotopia, St Martin’s Courtyard,13 Mercer Street, London WC2H 9QJ

Cost: £25 if booked on or before 24th February 2013, there after £30.  Please contact the studio for bookings.

AcroYoga focuses on mutual support, giving and receiving, honoring and accepting. Discover your potential to tap in and out as well as be, to give and receive as well as to trust and connect.

In this workshop you will discover the principles of healing hands through a lead Thai massage sequence; explore the art of therapeutic flying a practice that explores the combination of rooted, grounding energy and fluid receptivity. The base embodies the earth element and creates a solid foundation for the flyer to experience inverted aerial flows blended with therapeutic massage techniques. The relationship deepens as partners exchange roles as flyer and base, increasing their capacity for trust and communication.

Be prepared to work on pairs or in small groups.

Inversions Lab @ Yotopia

Inversions Lab – turn your world upside down!

When: Saturday 2nd February 2013 2.30-5.30pm

Where: Yotopia, St Martin’s Courtyard,13 Mercer Street, London WC2H 9QJ

Cost: £25 if booked on or before 26th Jan 2013, there after £30, for bookings please contact the studio.

Since the age of one or maybe two you have spent most of your time upright or horizontal, rarely do we spend our days inverted, UPSIDE DOWN.  Yet there are many listed health benefits of bringing your head lower than your heart these include the cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine and nervous systems to name a few.  Not only are there health benefits but it can also be a lot of fun to disorientate your perspective of the world and seeing it from the ground up.

We will focus on all manor of inversions from the simple; the forward bend, downward facing dog to the more complex forearm balances, headstand and handstands.

We will build it up progressively working on upper body strength, core conditioning and wrist awareness. Be prepared to work in pairs or in small groups.

Its time challenge yourself and bring back that youthful fearlessness and what better way to do this than being inverted?

Acrobatics with Fons from Holland

Fons is coming to London, this is not to be missed!

This offering is now fully booked.  If you are interested please email me and you will be added to a waiting list.

When: Saturday 30th March (10-5pm), 31st March (2-9pm) & 1st April (10-5pm) 2013

Where: Kensington Unitarians, Essex Unitarian Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace London W8 4RT

Cost: One day drop in £50, two days £80, whole course £120 if booked on or before the 23rd March 2013, after  the whole course increases to £135, two day £95 one day remains at £50.

A first for London, Fons from Holland will come and  share his immense skills in acrobatics.  He is regarded as one of the key pillars of European acrobatics and with over 25 years of experience he will be offering a three day intensive workshop over the Easter weekend.  This is not to be missed!

Open to all levels, from basic to professional.  The things he is likely to cover are: –

  • Abdominal training
  • Tempo skills
  • Pyramids
  • Handstand training
  • Spotting and catching
If you are thinking partner acrobatics is for the young,  agile and super fit, think again! Fons started training in acrobatics at the age of 36 and has been hooked ever since. A living example of how this physical practice can become a life long addiction.


To book please Contact jaquiwan@gmail.com  for further details or use the link below for payments, if you do not have a paypal account BACS transfers can be made if you send me an email.


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Dance Acrobatics with Anne & Tyll from Hamburg

Dance Acrobatics with Duo Stahlweich (Duo Soft as Steel)

When: Saturday 9th March (3-10pm) & Sunday 10th March (11-6pm) 2013

Where: Tokei Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, 28 Madalen Street, London SE1 2EN

Cost: Whole weekend £95 (£75 concessions) £60 day rate. These rates are valid if booked on or before 2nd March 2013 there after the whole weekend will increase to £110 (concessions £95), day rate remains at £60.

Join Anne Zimmerman & Tyll Wibben a dance acro duo forming Duo Stahlweich (Duo Soft-as-Steel) in their weekend workshop offering in March 2013.

The workshop will cover a variety of ways on going in and out of acro-balance postures, with a specific focus on dance and movement. They will cover different difficulty levels throughout the weekend and some experience in partner acrobatics would be an advantage.

Anne and Tyll will encourage all you acrobats to playfully research your own knowledge base and with the material covered, explore careful guided sequences and transitions.

About the teachers

Anne Zimmermann
Finished her studies at the “Stage School of Music Dance and Drama“ in 2004. She worked as a dancer at the West Side Story and as an acrobat in the Eventteam of Jochen Schweizer (Vertical Ballet). The fundamentals of danceacrobatics were taught to her by Sean Cronin in Las Vegas. Outside acrobatics Anne works as a phychologist.

Tyll Wibben
Graduated as ‘Tanzpadagoge’ (Teacher of Dance) in 2009 at the Lola Rogge Schule in Hamburg. He led his own Dancestudio and works as a freelancer for Prof. F. Böhme at the University (Hochschule für Musik und Theater; HfMT).

For bookings contact jaquiwan@gmail.com or use the link below, concession payments are made separately also if you do not have a paypal account BACS transfers can be made if you send me an email.

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