AcroYoga Foundations Weekend in Edinburgh

AcroYoga Solar & Lunar weekend with Jaqui Wan

When: Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th March 2018, 9:30am-12.30pm & 2-5pm

Where:  The Sacred Heart Centre, 25 Rodney Street, Edinburgh EH7 4EL


  • All weekend £150 early bird rate £110
  • Day rate £75 early bird rate £60
  • (Early bird deadline 23rd February 2018)

For bookings please click here or for FB info click here.

AcroYoga Solar Day – Saturday 24th March 2018

A day to embodying the acrobat – open to all levels. It all begins with body awareness, then comes the body tension, optimising on strength whilst maintaining control, ease and a steady breath. Believe in the possible.

The morning will cover:-
• yoga asana, partner conditioning,
• that never ending work in progress the handstand,
• L basing acro calibration in particular:-
• perfecting the points of contact (hand and feet placements, bone stacking) that will enable longevity in your practice,
• old school transitions that are the foundations to enable fluid movement.

The afternoon is your chance to get creative and go with the flow. We will present sequences that can be repeated in cycles, reversed, skipped, hopped if not popped.
Be prepared to sweat. We will work progressively and will give individual groups tasks and exercises that will challenge all levels of experience.


AcroYoga Lunar Day – Sunday 25th March 2018

Your Sunday chill day into Thai & Fly – open to all levels
Take in a deep breath and sigh out the stresses and strains that hold you. Take this day reconnect, to release, to ground, to accept and witness.

Healing Arts 3

The morning will consist of: –
• an asana practice to prepare your physical and mental body to give and receive
• elements of Thai massage to explore energetic flow and blockages in the body; and
• work with the breath, gravity, body weight, touch and vibrations to release and unblock.

In the afternoon we will introduce flying therapeutics, involving a base and flyer. The base grounds and suspends the flyer with their hands and feet. The passive nature of the flyer enables the base to sculpt the flyer into a variety of shapes that stretch and opens the flyer’s upper body, enabling the potential release of tension and muscular holding patterns.

An opportunity to connect, to listen and be present in a supportive and collective way. Be prepared for the cuddle puddles.

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